Colorado Nov 6th Election Endorsements from -- Co NORML

November 04, 2018

Colorado Election Endorsements from Co NORML


With midterm election just 2 days away Colorado NORML’s recommendations for the Nov. 6, 2018, Election and our Endorsements!

Governor: Support Jared Polis’ vision for Colorado. Representative Jared Polis, who was endorsed by NORML PAC, scored a resounding victory in Colorado’s Democratic primary for governor.

Attorney General: Phil Weiser is exceptionally well-qualified and supports States rights.

Secretary of State: We urge Colorado voters to elect Jena Griswold to office.


Treasurer: Editorial board endorses Dave Young


Senate District 13 -- Phil Kelley

Adams County Treasurer -- Lisa Culpepper

House District 27 -- Brianna Titone


Senate District 24 --Faith Winters

 Ballot Measures
Amendment 73: The vehicle for education funding. Neutral..

Amendment 74: Reject this threat to good land use policy. Vote no.

Amendment 75: Close the millionaire loophole. Vote no.

Amendment V: Lower age requirement for Members of State Legislation. Neutral.

Amendment X: Remove definition of "industrial hemp" from Colorado Constitution. Neutral.

Amendment W: Election ballot format for judicial retention elections. Vote Yes.

Amendments Y and Z: Fair maps mean fair elections. Vote Yes.

Proposition 109: The state needs revenue for roads. Vote no.

Proposition 110: We can have it all and better roads. Vote yes.

Proposition 111: Protect borrowers from predatory lenders. Vote yes.

Proposition 112: Sets back oil and gas drilling back to 25,000 ft. Neutral





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